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I typically find myself working on one or more self generated projects at time with languages such as Swift, Objective-C, C++, Python, Java, PHP, JS, and many more. Many of my recent projects involve programming on iOS and OSX--check some of the them out below!

Check out the blog for any updates on the status of the projects listed below. If you have questions or comments, feel free to use the contact form.


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Cloud Play

The perfect way to listen to your collection on iOS. Cloud Play is designed as a Google Music streamer for your iPad or iPhone!
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TWiT On Demand

Get your podcasts from all of your favorite TWiT shows. Stream shows on demand or choose to download them.
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An attempt at making it easier to setup tables with SQLite. There arent many examples of how to properly page through results in a database. I want to fix this. For those that enjoy the flexibility that SQL has to offer but dont want to give up the ease of setting up tables that you would get with Core Data's NSFetchedResultsController, this class is for you.


Progress and Activity HUD for OSX. When I started my first osx app, I noticed that there was not good alternative to SVProgressHUD for the mac. Because this is a such a great tool for displaying a process, I decided to write it for the mac.


AEAudioPlayer is an AVAudioEngine music player to mimic AVAudioPlayer. Simply add AEAudioplayer.h and AEAudioPlayer.m to your project and use it the same way that you use any AVAudioPlayer. To set frequencies, simply initialize AEAudioPlayer with and array of NSNumbers with the frequencies that you would like to use. Then call the setGain: method to set the gain for that frequency.


Django Website

In the name of exploring new programming languages and new frameworks, I have built this entire website on Django with automatic deployment. Previously the website was hosted by Squarespace, which has an amazingly easy to use, all-in-one package for building websites. However, Squarespace is far too limiting for a developer to build any cool apps. Switching to Django means that the site will be relatively easy to maintain and quick to build out new features. Furthermore, Django has opened up a world of possibility for integration with mobile applications. I can now quickly build an api that utilizes a database or other web technologies such as Redis. Im excited for the opportunities that switching to Django has given me.

Website for Contractor Services Group, Inc

This website was designed around CSG's company logo and colors, included a animating slideshow banner, a mini gallery on each page showcasing work, and a custom built content management system. The content management system was programmed using PHP and allowed for the ability to edit nearly every aspect of each page. It offered a HTML/PHP editor to modify page content on the fly, as well as a user friendly way to upload additional documents to pages and rearrange photos in the mini galleries. Additionally, the CMS provided a means to offer clients a way to share files. It included a user management system and a group management system where groups were given storage space for files with manageable permissions.

EDIT: The PHP/MySQL CMS portal is no longer in operation.